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  • Marc has been teaching my Son Lucas from the age of 6 - to now,  he is in senior school age 11.  Drums have become such a big part of his life, and something he has been able to identify himself against.  Learning the drums with Marc has not only helped him find something he is 'good at' amongst his peer group at school, it's also helped him academically and given him confidence to make the transition to senior school.  Not only is Marc an honest, talented teacher with real attention to detail - he clicks very well with children, becoming something of a mentor for Lucas as well.  He has always had a genuine concern and interest in his overall welfare.

    Cheryl Penman (Mother)

  • "I studied with Marc 9 years. He is such a first class educator and without him I would not be the musician I am today. I still go back for lessons when I feel stuck in my practice routine."

    Matthew Newman, music professional.

  • "Having learnt with Marc for 11 years, he has helped me tremendously in becoming a confident and well-rounded drummer. His wide knowledge of genres and enthusiastic approach to teaching aided me hugely in completing my learning and particularly my school A level performances."

    Matt Khoo, 22.


Marc has appeared at numerous national and international venues and performed or recorded with shows and artists including:

The Glastonbury Festival                                                 Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club,                                                Wembley Arena,

The Royal Opera House,                                                       The Roof Garden,                                                       Brecon Jazz Festival,

Hearts Jazz Festival                                                         Marlborough Jazz festival                                                 The 606 Club

The Hideaway                                                                         Blood Brothers                                                                  Billy Elliot

Saturday Night Fever                                                                  Footloose                                                              Streisand The Story,

The Chicago Blues Brothers                                                    Dusty The Musical,                                                The Carpenters Story.

The Foundations                                                                      Robin Trower                                                                 The Drifters

Guthrie Govan,                                                                       The Platters                                                                   Victoria Wood

Neil Angilly Trio                                                                     The Picante Band                                                       Liane Carol

Ramon Goose                                                                       John Bunch,                                                                    Pete Long,

Henry Lowther,                                                                    Art Themen,                                                                     Liane Carol,

Robin Jones,                                                                       Karen Sharp,                                                                    Sheena Davis,

Glen Miller Memorial Orchestra,                                        King Salsa,                                                                    Steve Waterman,

Paz,                                                                                   Salsa Celtica,                                                                           Alan Barnes,

Roberto Pla,                                                                         DElatin Sound,                                                                   Derek Nash,

Latin Underground,                                                               Pete Neighbour                                                                    Blue Harlem

Claire Harper                                                                Martin McNeil’s Bottle Neck Blues                                     Rachel Wooding

Graeme Turner                                                                         Mitch Hiller                                                                       Helen Abbey





As an educator Marc has lectured at: Middlesex University, The Colchester Institute and Dartington College of Arts. He is the resident percussion tutor at Brentwood School and also runs Essex Easter Jazz – A course that has attracted tutors including: Jason Robello, Lily Dior, Derek Nash, Winston Clifford, Steve Waterman and Mark Armstrong to name just a few.


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“Ban Con Tim” King Salsa,

(Marc Playing Timbales and solos)

“Bessie B” The Picante Band,

(Marc on all drums and Percussion)

“Night and day” Claire Harper Quartet,

(Marc on Drum kit)

“Looking at the world through rose coloured glasses” Heather Simmons,

(Marc On Drum Kit)

“Twice shy” New Shoes,

(Marc On Drum Kit)

“King Momo’s samba”

(Marc on all drums and Percussion)


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